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Entire Faculty At Lacoochee Elementary Dismissed

Entire Faculty At Lacoochee Elementary Dismissed

PASCO COUNTY, Fla. (970 WFLA)- The entire faculty of Lacoochee Elementary School in Pasco County is being dismissed.  

It's part of an overhaul by the Department of Education to try and bring up the school's overall grade.  For the last three years, the school has gotten a 'D' grade.  Lynne Webb is the president of the teacher's union, United School Employees of Pasco.  She says they don't agree with the forced overhaul because the school was starting to make improvements.  However, Webb says the only other options were to close the school or turn it over to a private charter school to operate.

The teachers and administrators do have the option of reapplying to work at Lacoochee, otherwise they will be transferred to another school in the district.  The district is offering a $2,500 incentive to attract teachers that have a track record of improving student performance.


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