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Gov. Scott to Rev. Jackson: APOLOGIZE!

Gov. Scott to Rev. Jackson: APOLOGIZE!

TALLAHASSEE (970 WFLA/AP) -- Governor Rick Scott is calling on civil rights activist Rev, Jesse Jackson to apologize for comparing the Trayvon Martin shooting and the George Zimmerman trial to clashes with police in the 1960's in Selma, Alabama.

Jackson also referred to Florida as an "apartheid" state, and compared the governor to Alabama's firebrand segregationist and fellow Democratic presidential candidate, George Wallace.

Scott calls Jackson's comments "reckless and divisive" and says they are meant to divide the state. So far, Jackson isn't backing down. He tells AP the state's voter laws and incarceration rates of African-Americans versus the general population are examples of "apartheid like conditions." Jackson made those remarks while taking part in the Dream Defenders' sit-in at the Florida Capitol. That group is trying to repeal the Stand Your Ground law and is targeting certain practices that it classifies as racial profiling.


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