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Inmates Busted Smuggling Contraband into Pinellas Jail

Inmates Busted Smuggling Contraband into Pinellas Jail

LARGO, Fla. (970 WFLA/ AP)- Three men face felony charges of bringing contraband in the Pinellas county jail after ``brazen'' plan failed.

On Thursday Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualitieri said 41-year-old Eric Scott Snook is accused of attaching a plastic bag filled with $1,500 of marijuana and other items to a cord two inmates had dangled from a sixth-floor rain drainage hole at the jail. the cord snapped and snook ran.

Inmate Phillip William Henderson made a prepaid call to Snook, begging him to come back even though he knew the call was being recorded. Snook refused.

Deputies found the bag on a fourth-floor overhang. Williams and inmate Mark ``Red'' Keating were charged and Snook was arrested Wednesday.

Authorities believe they've smuggled items into jail up to nine times.


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