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Pasco Sheriff’s Office announces child pornography arrests

Pasco Sheriff’s Office announces child pornography arrests

NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. (970 WFLA) - The Pasco Sheriff's Office held a news conference Wednesday morning about child pornography arrests.

PCSO said their cyber crimes unit has been very busy making arrests and bringing multiple individuals to justice. Since October of '13, PCSO said this group of detectives arrested 12 people they say are responsible for the transmission/possession of child pornography.

Deputies said in one case, a middle school student was arrested for transmission of child pornography using a new app created in Canada that is very difficult to trace. PCSO said this app is growing in popularity among teens and is being used to exchange pornographic images. PCSO said they will be discussing the dangers of the app called ‘Kik.’

In another case, deputies said a local woman found an SD card in her apartment left behind by a man who has been arrested for sexual battery. This citizen proceeded to use the SD card, deputies said, not knowing what was on it, and discovered it was filled with images of a man committing sexual battery upon a four year old child. Officials said that suspect is now in custody because of the help of this citizen who brought the SD card to our attention, helping our detectives identify the perpetrator. 




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