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Pet Safety On Independence Day

Pet Safety On Independence Day

Our furry family members tend to get anxious from the unexpected, loud noises of fireworks.  Marti Ryan with Hillsborough County Animal Services says there are several things you can do to ensure your pet is safe:

1. Make sure you have proper ID/Tags on your pet.  If you pet runs away in fear this will be the best way for your pet to be promptly reunited with you.  The tag you get from the county has an ID number on it that can be entered on the county website and it will bring up your contact info. Here's the link to Hillsborough County Animal Services

2. Bring your pets inside and put them in a safe room that is well ventilated with the doors and windows shut.  Provide plenty of water.  Turn on the TV or radio to help distract them from the noises.

3. See your veterinarian before giving your pet any over the counter medicines.  Your vet can recommend a variety of remedies for anxiety in your pet.

4. If you find an animal you are not familiar with, use caution when approaching.  Animals that are afraid can be unpredictable.  Check for identification and if you can't find the owner, you can turn the animal over to animal services.  If you have lost your pet, check with animal services in your county.


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