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Tampa man dies in crash, car went airborne three times

Tampa man dies in crash, car went airborne three times

POLK COUNTY, Fla. (970 WFLA)— Polk County deputies are investigating a fatal crash where a car went airborne three times before crashing into a concrete building.

Deputies said it happened at 1:40 Sunday morning.

According to the sheriff’s office, 28-year-old Jeremiah Grady Simpson of Tampa was traveling south on State Road 37, north of State Road 60 in Mulberry when as he crossed over S.R. 60, his Volvo entered a concave portion of the asphalt.

Deputies said as the car exited the concave portion, it went airborne and then bottomed out, striking the bottom of the car on the roadway, leaving several gouge marks. Deputies said Simpson appears to have lost control and began to spin sideways as the Volvo struck the curb on the west side of South Church Avenue then up onto the sidewalk and grass. 

The Volvo then continued southbound, according to deputies, as it crossed over a set of railroad tracks and slid across Phosphate Avenue. Still sideways, deputies said it hit the southern curb on Phosphate Avenue breaking off a piece of the concrete curb and continued southbound across the grass lawn in front of a business.

The Volvo, still sideways according to deputies, struck a second set of railroad tracks that ran East and West before going airborne again, rotating. The Volvo crossed over 2nd Street SW, never touching the roadway, then landed on its tires in the grass lot, continued sliding sideways to the south, and eventually the tires dug into the dirt which caused it to start rotating again becoming airborne a third time before striking the side of the building.

Deputies said the Volvo crashed through the cinder block building and landed upside down inside the building. 

A tire and rim from Volvo separated from the vehicle during the last rotation, according to deputies, and struck another portion of the wall, creating a large hole at the impact site. 

The hole in the side of the building as a result of the crash was approximately 15 feet high and 25 feet wide, deputies said.

Deputies said Simpson died at the scene and no charges are pending at this time. 

PCSO also said it appears excessive speed is a factor in this crash, as well as possible impairment.

Photos provided by the Polk County Sheriff's Office


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