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The Owner of a Gun Found In a Local Movie Theatre Comes Forward

The Owner of a Gun Found In a Local Movie Theatre Comes Forward

Tampa, Fla. (970 WFLA) - On Sunday, June 16th, 2013,  at approximately 3pm,  Detective Luke Hussey arrived at the Movico Movie Theater located at at 1600 East 8th Ave in Ybor to watch a movie.  Prior to the beginning of the movie, Hussey utilized the restroom. When Hussey left the restroom, he went to his seat and began watching the movie.

About an hour and a half went by when Hussey realized he left his personal handgun in one of the bathroom stalls. He immediately went looking for his gun and notified the movie manager.  The manager advised Hussey that TPD was called and a officer had arrived and impounded the handgun. The manager provided Hussey with a case number.

Just before 5 pm, Hussey contacted the Tampa Police Department notifying them that the gun found at the movie theater belonged to him. Shortly after that, Hussey was contacted by a TPD supervisor providing information on their procedures in retrieving his gun.

HCSO takes this matter very seriously and has already began an administrative investigation to determine any policy violations that may have occurred.


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