Anjali Queen B

Anjali Queen B

LHHA's Shay "Buckey" Still Defending Scrappy & Hatin On His BM Erica

Remember when Shay was on "Flava of Love @"? Yes, the show with Flava Flav lol... & correct again.. she was fighting for the love and affection of the old school rapper. Well now-a-days, as you know, she's on to irrelevant rappers. Now it's Lil scrappy from "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta"... whom he dumped last year on national TV on the reunion show of LHHA to propose and get engaged to his baby's mother Erica. Well although embarrassed and sworn to never be with him again, Shay did briefly kick it with Scrappy again before cutting him loose. But she's still talking about him...

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