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Police Called After Heat Fans Who Left Game Early Pound On Doors To Get Back In

from inflexwetrust

IFWT_Heat fans leave before its over

WHY? Why would you leave that game early last night?! I know they were PISSED. You idiot! Lol. Some fans learned a very valuable lesson about leaving before the game is o-v-e-r! This is your home team, how could you leave?! SMH. You should be ashamed of yourselves!
The police were called after fans who left early wanted to get back in. Nah son! You’re finished!
Check out the report with video of the fans leaving after the jump…



Tweets of what happened:

IFWT_Heat fans leave and can't go back in 1

IFWT_Heat fans leave and can't go back in 2




Video from fan:

Source: USA


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